Friday, May 18, 2012

Tarot Cards: The Healing Tarot Spread

The Healing Spread of the Tarot is an entirely different kind of Tarot spread. While most spreads are concerned with the seeking of advice and guidance regarding a particular situation, the Healing Spread is instead focused on psychological healing.

The Purpose of the Healing Spread

Most people have some type of trauma in their past, and these traumas can leave emotional blocks. These blocks can hinder the ability to fully enjoy and engage in life. The Healing Spread can be a powerful tool to explore and even heal these emotional blocks by examining the areas of life that remain fixed and unchanging. These fixed areas, which are different for each individual, represent those things which remain unresolved. These unresolved issues are emotional blocks.

When attempting this particular Tarot spread, it is important to be in an location where you feel safe, secure, and relaxed. Ensure that you have enough uninterrupted time to complete the spread in privacy. You must also allow yourself time afterwards to reflect on the information provided by this spread and examine any emotions or memories which have surfaced as a result.

Reading the Healing Spread

Before shuffling the cards, take a deep breath. Shuffle the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana together until you are satisfied; there's no secret to shuffling the Tarot.

Once shuffled, all seventy-eight Tarot cards should be spread face-down in a fan-shape. Six cards should be selected and placed face-up on a black cloth. These six cards will form the basis of the Healing Spread.

Each of the six positions of the Healing Spread has a specific meaning. The positions and their meanings are:
  1. Emotional Block: This card reveals the greatest emotional block, issue, or trauma from the past. This block is likely preventing you from moving forward.
  2. Past Relationships: This card examines how your emotional block has affected your past relationships.
  3. Present Relationships: This card delves into how your emotional block is affecting your present relationships, as well as how it is affecting your personal growth.
  4. Revelation: This card reveals what new things can be learned from the current exploration of your hidden emotional blocks.
  5. Guidance: This card gives suggestions and advice as to what might be done, emotional or otherwise, to get past your own personal blocks and encourage healthy emotional growth.
  6. Spiritual Lesson: This card examines the spiritual lesson that can be learned from the current exploration of your hidden emotional blocks.
The Healing Spread of the Tarot is not quite the same as most Tarot spreads. It is designed to locate that which is preventing you from moving on and enjoying life. While the Tarot cannot heal these wounds for you, it can perhaps give some clues as to how to begin the healing process.

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